How It Began…

In June 2018 25 Access to Birmingham (A2B) students and 25 University of Nottingham students were given an unprecedented opportunity to travel, all expenses paid, to Hong Kong to participate in a one-week global leadership training programme ran by 'Common Purpose' . The programme hosted at Hong Kong University included participation from 25 of their own students. "We develop … Continue reading How It Began…

Day 1- The Journey Awaits

We submitted our applications, we had our interviews, we picked up our Hong Kong we were ready. 15 hours and counting, Hong Kong awaits.  Dubai Airport was our halfway point and it was time to change for our second leg of the journey-Dubai to Hong Kong.  After 15 hours of travelling, we made it to … Continue reading Day 1- The Journey Awaits

Day 4- Immersion Visits into The City

Day 4 was the beginning of our immersion visits. The visits were organised by Common Purpose in order to help us immerse deeper into the city, gaining first-hand experience of organisations who are trying to tackle the issue of inclusiveness in Hong Kong. We were given the option of visiting three different organisations, Hong Kong Foundation … Continue reading Day 4- Immersion Visits into The City

Day 5- Networking at The Fringe Club

Day 5 meant immersion visits round 2, we split into groups dependant on where we were heading and regrouped after lunch. Some students headed to Hi-blue Sky Energy Technology, an organisation that uses data and technology to help organisations conserve energy through behaviour change. While some visited the Hong Kong Society for Community Organization, a non-governmental … Continue reading Day 5- Networking at The Fringe Club