Day 1- The Journey Awaits

We submitted our applications, we had our interviews, we picked up our Hong Kong Dollars…now we were ready. 15 hours and counting, Hong Kong awaits.

 Dubai Airport was our halfway point and it was time to change for our second leg of the journey-Dubai to Hong Kong. 

After 15 hours of travelling, we made it to Hong Kong. Local time was mid-afternoon, but for us back at home, it would have been early morning.  The result of travelling through the night meant the jet lag was intense– but despite this, it was off to the accommodation to meet our roommates for the week. We met with Hong Kong students who offered to help us in finding our bearings around the city. Students were given time to briefly settle in before heading back out to Hong Kong’s famous attraction, ‘The Star Ferry’.

Before leaving for the ferry, we discovered the amazing view of the city we had from the rooftop of our accommodation.

Navigating the city was surprisingly easy, however, navigating Hong Kong’s currency was another matter. The bus to the mainland costs us around 5 Hong Kong dollars, which may seem expensive but in reality, works out at around 50p! Even the Ferry journey itself only cost us 22p.

The Star Ferry took us across to mainland Hong Kong and showed us the beautiful landscapes of the city, we spent a few hours exploring and experiencing what Hong Kong had to offer.

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It was time to find somewhere to eat, we wanted to find somewhere authentic and aimed to get a real taste of Hong Kong cuisine.

Below are pictures of some of the food we ate on our first night…

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