Day 6- Graduating from Common Purpose

Day 6 of the programme meant it was time to pitch our ideas. Over the past few days we had heard from various influential speakers and taking their knowledge and experiences of Hong Kong into consideration, it was time to finalise our own solution to making Hong Kong a smart and inclusive city. We worked in six separate groups made up of Nottingham, Birmingham and Hong Kong students and all discussed our ideas to what we think would make Hong Kong a smart city.

Finally, we formed an idea we would then pitch to the Vice-Chancellor of Hong Kong University, Ian Holliday, and Development Director, Travis Kan. As part of our pitch, we made short informative videos and colourful posters that would explain in-depth about our ideas.

Day 6 also meant it was time to graduate from the programme. We were given time to reflect on what we have gained over the week and reflect on what we will take away from our time spent in Hong Kong. Common Purpose awarded us with certificates and gave us individual feedback on our performance from over the week.

Below are pictures of the entire cohort happily celebrating their completion of the Common Purpose Leadership Programme 2018.

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