Day 3- Common Purpose Ready

Day 3 means the start of the Global Leadership Programme. We made our way to the University of Hong Kong, where the programme was being held.

We met the leaders of the group and had a chance to mix with the other students by taking part in ‘icebreakers’ that included telling the person next to us what we aspired to be when we were younger. We also spent some time listening to a guest speaker from the Resolve Foundation.

Arianne Baldesimo is a Team Leader at Resolve Foundation, during her talk she explained to us how the foundation works towards making Hong Kong more inclusive by empowering underrepresented and marginalised communities. Arianne’s talk helped us begin to really understand more about Hong Kong and gave us a deeper insight into how the city works. Arianne explained how, despite being a well-developed and modern city, Hong Kong also remains very unequal and socially divided. The foundation works towards targetting such division.

In the afternoon we were visited by two more guest speakers, Tina Arcilla and Janet Pau. Both speakers had been greatly influential in the movement towards making Hong Kong more inclusive and both gave insightful talks.

Tina spoke about her time working as a senior manager at Diversity and Inclusion in Asia, a leading network committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in Asia. While Janet informed us about her work at Asia Business Council, an organisation formed of prominent business people with the primary goal of working towards economic growth and competitiveness of Asia. Both women gave thought-provoking and informative talks that contributed to our better understanding of Hong Kong and its culture.




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