How It Began…

In June 2018 25 Access to Birmingham (A2B) students and 25 University of Nottingham students were given an unprecedented opportunity to travel, all expenses paid, to Hong Kong to participate in a one-week global leadership training programme ran by ‘Common Purpose’ . The programme hosted at Hong Kong University included participation from 25 of their own students.

“We develop leaders who can cross boundaries


The Common Purpose Programme aims to develop Cultural Intelligence. The programme prides itself on improving students abilities to work across different boundaries including geographies, generations, sectors, specialisations, backgrounds and beliefs.

‘Our framework helps students to adapt to new environments and work effectively with people who are different to them.’ – Common Purpose 

Common Purpose sees the ability for cross-boundary leadership as being imperative in allowing individuals to tackle the complex, interconnected challenges of the world today. The programme aims to improve such leadership skills by bringing together students from diverse backgrounds and giving them tasks to which they complete together. By the end of the 4-day-long programme, all students are exposed to new cultures and gain experience in working within a diverse team.


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