Day 5- Networking at The Fringe Club

Day 5 meant immersion visits round 2, we split into groups dependant on where we were heading and regrouped after lunch.

Some students headed to Hi-blue Sky Energy Technology, an organisation that uses data and technology to help organisations conserve energy through behaviour change. While some visited the Hong Kong Society for Community Organization, a non-governmental and human rights group that organises education programs that encourage the political participation of Hong Kong’s population. Others listened to a talk given by a teacher who works alongside Teach4HK, an organisation that aims to create equal opportunity to access quality education in Hong Kong.

Once we arrived back from our visits it was time to form our own ideas to tackling the challenge of making Hong Kong an inclusive and smart city. Using the insights into Hong Kong we gained from the immersion visits and various guest speakers, we formed our own idea of what we thought would better Hong Kong to be a smart and inclusive city. We then faced the ultimate test of pitching our ideas to a board of professionals made up of; Francesca Sin Founder of Gift Love, Andre Kwok Founder of City Summit and Veena Haran, Programme Director at Common Purpose. The panel was made up of professionals that all had an extensive knowledge of Hong Kong and would be able to critically evaluate our ideas.

After our return to the accommodation, it was time for a quick change into our smart wear as we were off for a night of networking at The Fringe Club located in the Soho district of Hong Kong. University of Birmingham students met five Birmingham alumni who gave a talk on their experiences graduating from Birmingham and working within Hong Kong.

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 21.22.06.png

At the end of the alumni’s talk, two students were nominated to also give a vote of thanks dedicated to the alumni, it was an opportunity to show our gratitude for their support in making this trip happen.

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 21.31.50.png

To view more photos from the Alumni Networking Event follow the link below to the ‘5 Alumni in 5 Minutes’ album:

Following the alumni event, students attended a complimentary dinner paid for by the University. As the departure back to the UK loomed this was a final opportunity for the students to spend time and mingle together.


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